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Additional industries showcased below are part of our PHASE 2 ROLLOUT.


Tours / Venues / Studios / Shoots

We believe that everyone’s first line of defense against diseases both physical and mental, is nutrition. What we’re putting in our bodies in tandem with our frame of mind and the thoughts we think, dictates a healthy or unhealthy outcome. We are here to be your champion and help you be at your very best – for yourself and for everyone in your tribe personally and professionally. 
What makes it possible for us to give away nutrition at no charge is by partnering with sponsors who invest alongside us to provide products to you. You will find these generous partners on every package you hold and they’re fam, so don’t be shy…introduce yourself to them in-person or online and support them however you can. 
We are currently examining various ways to get our products to you when you’re off tour, at home, in writing and recording sessions, or off-site your shoot Stay tuned.

Markets / Cafés / Select In-Room Service Programs

In select markets we stock locally made food and snacks to our hotel partner in-house markets through a wholesale program. Hotel guests are provided easier access to more options and get to skip the hassle of ordering delivery. 


Tours / Deployments / Commissaries / Exchanges

We approach our military sector the same way we do the music and entertainment industry, by partnering with brands to empower the production process so we can provide our products at no cost to people who are making sacrifices to defend our freedoms and keep us safe. 

As always, don’t be shy…introduce yourself to our sponsors in-person or online and support them however you can. 


Charters / Marinas / Yacht Clubs

We work with the largest charter brokers in the world to provide provisions to captains and chefs alike, creating a more seamless yachting experience for everyone on board.